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Name: Helle Bennekov Rasmussen (Homepage)
Country: DenmarkDate: Sat Jun 28 11:50:06 2003
Dear Peter.
Your work is breathtaking ...and you have really managed to capture
the most beautiful and sensous lines of all your models.
Though many of your studies are nude, you make it both innocent and erotic
and I could not imagine anybody not being able of looking amazing in your pictures.
I'm a great admirer of your work, and I wish you all the best in the future.

Name: ian (Homepage)
Country: canadaDate: Fri Jun 20 16:28:01 2003
Great site !

Name: Ray VonFeldt (Homepage)
Country: AmericaDate: Thu Jun 19 02:50:48 2003
Great work.
.....True art. Very ingenius !

Name: Dave (Homepage)
Country: UKDate: Wed Jun 18 16:20:03 2003
I am only just starting to experiment with digital photography and came accross your site by accident.
It is truly awe inspiring.
....Many years before I can achieve your standard.
Keep us inspired.

Name: Spiro (Homepage)
Country: Indiana,USADate: Tue Jun 10 06:51:40 2003
Absolutely Spectacular Art my friend.
I love your work and will return to view more of it.

Name: Fernando (Homepage)
Country: BrazilDate: Fri Jun 6 19:08:40 2003
Very, very nice pictures!

Name: Michael Cosgrove (Homepage) Country: UKDate: Fri Jun 6 19:08:15 2003 Comment:
Thanks for a glimpse of your work.
For me its difficult to appreciate some womens extreme beauty without slipping into a pornographic well.
[But] This is a skill and a discipline you seem to have some grasp of.

Name: Brenda Cooper (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun May 25 13:42:12 2003
I came across your amazing body of work a few years ago.
...I just happened to come by it again.
...Your work is very inspiring and hauntingly beautiful!
I have been photographing for twenty years and have seen a lot of people's work over the years.
...I hope to someday be able to grasp my style and create a body of work as you have done.
...thank you for your inspiration!!

Name: Mr. Gembong Dutabuana (Homepage)
Country: INDONESIADate: Sat May 17 10:31:36 2003
Your photo style, it's artistic.
I was practice and the result it's not like yours.
I hope with this you want to give some sugestion for me.
My camera is Mamiya Rb67. Tthanks you very much for your attention.

Name: rustin (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Thu May 15 11:41:42 2003
I am studying photography at school right now.
I have been wanting to experiement with Poloroid-transfer.
After seeing your images I can't wait. Beautiful!!!
...You have an amazing talent. Keep it up.

Name: Michael Fisher (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Wed May 14 15:06:16 2003
Amazing work. Just beautiful.
I'm working to emulate the Polaroid transfer style with Photoshop 7.
Never quite be the same though.
Thank you for all you've done.

Name: April (Homepage)
Country: AustraliaDate: Wed May 14 01:50:50 2003
God Peter!
...your work is beautiful!!!
Thank you for the inspiration.
I am saving your site as one of my favourites because your work
is so amazingly stirring of all the little art juices in my veins.
Thanks :)
From April xxx

Name: Christina Fontenette (Homepage)
Country: United StatesDate: Tue May 13 14:14:17 2003
I just learned this unique and exciting process.
Happy to say...I am pretty good at it.
I am curious to know what slide printer you use and if you have any recommendations.

Name: jeremy kirtz (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Fri May 9 03:49:40 2003
Inspiring work, especially the image-transfers

Name: Expert (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon May 5 01:57:25 2003
Great Site nice photos. I want to see more!

Name: Kakoh (Homepage)
Country: UAEDate: Sat May 3 17:18:45 2003
The website gathers many beautiful and touching photos, that You feel when you view them that they belong to you as they are considered to be a language that you understand according to your mood.
Keep the good work and waiting to see more.

Name: adomzong (Homepage)
Country: chinaDate: Sat Apr 5 04:17:16 2003
Marvelous .... Great!

Name: Henri de Carlo V (Homepage)
Country: USDate: Tue Apr 1 22:26:43 2003
Thank you...for allowing my eyes to see such beautiful art...

Name: Phil (Homepage)
Country: New ZealandDate: Tue Apr 1 05:59:20 2003
Class stuff. Exhilarating for the eye.
Superb ...thank you.

Name: Andrew Ng (Homepage)
Country: MalaysiaDate: Sat Mar 29 13:14:51 2003
Fine Art should be viewed as it is ...

Name: Bob (Homepage)
Country: CanadaDate: Mon Mar 24 22:35:58 2003

Name: Eduardo Peixoto (Homepage)
Country: BrazilDate: Sat Mar 22 16:17:20 2003
Wonderfull work...and marvellous models..

Name: Sarah (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Mar 11 21:34:20 2003
I really loved the soft, warm feeling of the artwork.
I also enjoyed reading about the processes that are used to develop this kind of art.

Name: shannon (Homepage)
Country: usDate: Tue Mar 11 18:35:00 2003
Beautiful stuff!

Name: Diana Brake (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Mar 11 11:55:54 2003
I am learning about Polaroid transfers and think your work is quite lovely.
Thank you for sharing it on the internet.
Artists today must also be computer savy, so thanks again.

Name: alex (Homepage)
Country: CanadaDate: Mon Mar 10 18:28:18 2003
Until I visited your gallery,
I didn't think photography could compare with painting.
Great work!

Name: Eileen Shuttleworth (Homepage)
Country: AustraliaDate: Mon Mar 10 00:24:01 2003
Enjoyed looking at your work.
I enjoy photography myself and I belong to the Ballarat YMCA Camera Group

Name: Anand Bose (Homepage)
Country: indiaDate: Fri Mar 7 06:50:25 2003
....the moment an image becomes the camera
reflection looses its sense of reality
and becomes the camera...
.. Anand Bose
Writing out of affection for the author of "Camera Lucida"
-the dearest Roland Barthes

Name: Bonnie Berry (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Feb 28 13:41:45 2003
I am asking my students at the University of Toledo to visit your site
as part of their Distance Learning Advanced Class in Digital Imaging and Editing.
We are using Gregory Georges book and saw your work in Technique 22. Nice job!
Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Name: Brahmareddy. Gandra (Homepage)
Country: IndiaDate: Wed Feb 26 06:54:20 2003
This is one of the finest sites.. the likes of which, I have never seen before.
..Thanks to the site creators..
Thanks a lot, keep it up.

Name: Leen Koper (Homepage)
Country: NetherlandsDate: Tue Feb 25 19:14:37 2003
Your images are most inspirational.
Being a professional photographer myself I seldom notice any websites that I will revisit,
... but yours has been added to my 'favourites'list.

Name: marsha (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Tue Feb 25 00:35:31 2003
I'm very impressed by the control you've managed in your transfers!
I've never tried the transfer technique at all,
but just might have to give it a shot, now that I've picked up a little inspiration.

Name: (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Feb 19 15:26:01 2003
Very nice work,
I like all your work.
Your ability to catch the moment is great.

Name: judy clark (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Tue Feb 18 13:29:44 2003
Enjoyed your site
- just starting in the business and appreciate your work

Name: D. Mills (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Fri Feb 14 15:31:25 2003
Absolutely stunning photography.

Name: John Fraser (Homepage)
Country: new zealandDate: Thu Feb 13 02:38:24 2003
Beautiful work Peter.

Name: Ben (Homepage)
Country: hollandDate: Sun Feb 9 17:25:47 2003
Wonderful pictures.
Nice story about the transfers.
I've bookmarked your page.
Looking through your eyes is a nice experience.


Name: Barbara (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Feb 5 23:27:49 2003
What absolutely beautiful work!
I never write in guest books, but your work and presentation touch me in a way I cannot describe.
I especially loved the digital enhansed work.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Name: Kent Strobel (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Wed Feb 5 22:58:37 2003
I have tried a more painterly look with some of my work with soft filters,
shooting through mesh and fabric.
The transfers that you are doing are brilliant.
I will try my hand at shaking up my creative processes with transfers.
Great work. Thank you.

Name: Bearings (Homepage)
Country: Idaho, USADate: Mon Feb 3 16:51:36 2003
You have a great looking site.
Thanks for the opportunity to view it.

Name: Seraphyx (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Jan 28 18:50:36 2003
Your artwork is exceptionally exquisite and very tasteful for nude photos, and other subjects. ...I am quite impressed.
One photo especially captivated me for the last 4 years, of a red head with one of her breasts revealed, and gently clad in a sanguine cloth, with short curly burgundy hair.
I just recently found out who you were, because I had a hard time making out the last name and how it was spelled on the photo since the copy I recieved was in poor digital quality.
I'm amazed :-)
Keep up the good work.

Name: Sharon P. Fibelkorn (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Jan 25 16:27:35 2003
Very nice work Peter.
Site loads too slow but images are worth the wait.
I'm an equestrian sports photog with a budding interest in portraits and nudes
- Poloroids and their 'look' interest me as well.

Thank you for allowing me to visit,
do keep in touch with anything interesting going on with your works.


Name: Sharif Elatab (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Jan 23 09:47:09 2003
Great work, very talented, very inspiring, very creative... master pieces.
I can't say more!
Your magnificent artwork speaks for itself.
I'm proud to know you personally.

Name: Atom (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Jan 22 09:58:42 2003
Marvelous... Never seen before... if I could have a chance to see the pieces in an exhibit in los angeles area...

glad I found your site...
best wishes...


Name: jack warnett (Homepage)
Country: australiaDate: Tue Jan 21 08:29:02 2003
Beautiful, ...just beautiful work.

Name: Thomas L. Cranmer (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Jan 13 11:35:21 2003
You are one of the great original art photographers.
The neo impressionism, ...the use of light, subject,
composition, and colors are fabulous.
The quotes are perfect.
You've inspired me to work on my technique.
Keep it up.

Name: Mischa (Homepage)
Country: South AfricaDate: Fri Jan 10 14:32:46 2003
Very stylish and professional,
... but i was bored out of my wits.

Name: anya (Homepage)
Country: usDate: Fri Jan 3 00:00:16 2003
I often view many photography sites,
....but none have caught my attention like yours.
I am also a photographer, (for a corporation, however)
....but one day would like to do what you do.
Thank you for sharing your incredible work.

Name: Mike Hann (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Jan 1 01:18:16 2003
Really like your work.
I'm a sandblast artist that has been looking for a new way, (to me)
.....of presenting the female on stone.
Viewing your work has my mind winding up!
Thanks. Mike

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