August 1994 - Faces and Figure Studies -

"This very sensitive artist has joined a centuries-old pursuit: truly know - in its myriad forms and poses - the human figure."

Images © Peter Balazsy 1995

"The use of image-transfer photography, with its painterly effect, has enabled him to explore intriguing, atmospheric visions formerly reserved for traditional artists. Balazsy re-creates moods in his photographs that are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement earlier this century. Graceful, elegant, artfully subdued images convey the feeling of times past - while also seeming unmistakably contemporary."

Images © Peter Balazsy 1995

Peter G. Balazsy is exhibited in galleries throughout the greater New York metropolitan area and is recognized as one of the most accomplished photographers in the art of image-transfer."

Comments by Allen Sheppard
(Allen Sheppard Gallery Piermont, N.Y. 914-365-1458)

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